Our control towers monitor the location, status and condition of your valuable engine shipments. If a milestone is not met, a predefined escalation and contingency plan is started. Any required corrective action is implemented to ensure that transit times are fulfilled.

With KN EngineChain you will gain from our global 24-hour door-to-door track and trace capability provided by our KN Login application – allowing you and our authorised staff to view planned and actual shipment status plus electronic copies of critical shipment documentation.

24 hour door-to-door visibility is provided by our AEL (AOG and Engine Live) application which enables pro-active management of important operational events leading to enhanced visibility and risk mitigation. Every aerospace station will be AEL enabled allowing the station to closely monitor any KN EngineChain shipment.

Key Features

  • 24/7/365 monitoring via global tool 
  • Track and trace capabilities with KN Login
  • Enhanced monitoring available on all KN EngineChain shipments before and after flight 
  • Proactive shipment management 
  • Defined intervention points to comply with transit times & ensure proper handling of your shipment 
  • Continuous automated status updates
  • Available for customers at anytime, anywhere
  • Escalations in case a milestone is not met